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Need Mental Health Care? Me, too.


It has been a while since I wrote and a lot has happened. In late October last year, I moved to KY from OH. Hundreds of miles away from my family and I only knew one person in this area. Financially, this became a good move for me. I’m near a huge city with plenty of opportunities to make money in a way I find tolerable. Then COVID-19 hit. Governor Beshear was quick to encourage everyone to...

Autism Doesn’t Have a Look


Ask any autistic what statement is among their top 5 of most irritating declarations from others... and they will say one of them is the phrase, "But you don't look autistic!" And that, right there, is a huge problem because autism doesn't have a specific appearance in any one specific individual. You could be surrounded by autistic people right now and you wouldn't really have a clue because if...




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